Troubleshooting Maytag Icemaker Problems

Troubleshooting Maytag Icemaker Problems

By on Nov 24, 2014 in Appliances |

Maytag company Despite the fact that modern refrigerators and freezers are basically becoming the equivalent of a super computer of a few years ago, there are still some things that tend to give owners problems on a regular basis. One of those things is an ice maker that either stops working completely, or just isn’t working the way it is supposed to. We’re going to have a look at replacing one in a Maytag bottom freezer style (though this works very much the same way across most all major brand refrigerator / freezers. If you have any questions about your specific model, you can always visit this recommended website for more information:

When you’re installing a new ice maker in your refrigerator/freezer to replace one that has gone out on you (and they do tend to konk out on folks after a few years), you want to make sure your harness comes up over the top of the fill tube, which I had my down there, I just kind of had to tell you to bring it around the bottom side, and we’ll just go ahead and connect that in, you should just kind of lock it in place, get it a little niggle, make sure it’s locked, okay? Now at this point, what we’re going to do is…we’re going to jump the thermostat out on the ice maker to force the harvest cycle, make sure it’s going to fill properly with no leaks, alright, so what we’re going to do is just strip any piece of wire down that you have, this step isn’t necessary, you don’t have to do it, you could install the ice maker and just kind of wait until it comes down to temperature.

Troubleshooting Maytag Icemaker Problems 1But what we’re doing at this point is making the ice maker think it’s satisfied temperature wise to allow it to fill, we’re going to take the jumper wire, put it in between T and H, just going to jump out here, thermostat on the ice maker and basically make it closed and on this one the light switch is wired in with the ice maker, close the light and once you hear a little click, takes you out two or three seconds, then it should start going on its own, you could pull your jumper out, alright you do have to hold the light switch closed, and you should see the gears turning on there, and after a couple of minutes here once that rate gets around to about the ten O’clock position, the ice maker should fill for us, we’re just going to want to make sure we don’t have any leaks, you know make sure the fill tube is properly fitted.

And at that point, we’ll put the cover back on and reinstall a lower basket, okay so the ice maker is filled with water, we didn’t have any leaks, we’re just going to go ahead, we’re going to put our screw back in here, snap our cover back on, just like that, and now we’re just going to go ahead and put the drawers back in, we’re just going to go ahead and put the upper round back in now, and put the lower one back in, we’re going to go ahead and put the trash all the way out here, just like that and it’s going to see right on these four brackets here, get your back ones in first, and lower down and you’re going to see through your fronts, just like that. Okay, that will complete our repair on the replacement of the ice maker for the Maytag bottom freezer, thank you for reading.