Tree Mulch and Lady Bugs

Tree Mulch and Lady Bugs

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tree mulchProper mulching around the tree can be very beneficial. Two to four inches of mulch will help with evaporation, control weeds and actually helps reduce lawn diseases and it improves the quality of the soil. And the most important roots, the ones that absorb oxygen, nutrients and water are really close to the surface.

So two to four inches of mulch will actually reduce fluctuations of temperature and moisture.One thing you don’t want to do is pile mulch up against the bark. It can rot the bark and also, you want to expose the root crown and that’s where the trunk needs that root that starts to go up off the base of the trunk and you want oxygen to be able to get to that.

So two to four inches is what you want, you don’t want to pile it up against the tree and you really want to use natural mulch, you don’t want plastic or rubber mulch, because it can overheat and damage those delicate roots near the surface.

Ladybugs for the Garden

ladybugIf you are looking for an easy way to control pests in your garden without having to use chemicals, you can purchase live ladybugs online. And there’re a lot of different companies you can use; I get mine from the Environmental Factor and what is nice is they make sure that there is food and water when they ship it.

They ship it next day which is important and if you are not going to use the ladybugs right away, you need to refrigerate them and you can keep them in kind of a state of suspended animation for one to three weeks. So the steps to release lady bugs are: you want to mist the area first, you want some water on the leaves because they are going to stay around if there’s water.

Another trick you can use is get a little mister and mix a few tablespoons of sugar in a little warm water and then mist the leaves of your plants or vegetables and what it will do is it will give them a food source so they’re going to stick around and you want them to start mating right away.

You want to make sure that you release them in the evening or after dark. Ladybugs don’t fly at night and they tend to rest in the evening. So what you want to do is first, wash your leaves which you just did and then we took them out of the refrigerator and we are just going to start sprinkling them over the leaves.

You can actually do it in a series of releases, you can release a few at a time or release them all at once. I’ve got two packages here, so I will do one release now and I will do another release later. What you want to do is sprinkle them on the leaves, just like that. Few will fall to the ground, but they will find a stem and work their way back up to the leaves.So just walk around and that’s the food that they give you. See how active they are?

That’s what’s nice about buying live ladybugs, they immediately go to work, getting rid of pests in your garden. I am just going to walk down and release them like that. Very simple to do, it’s a very effective way to get rid of many different pests in the garden, it’s simple, it’s effective and it’s something you can pick up online.