Evaporator Fan Motor Issue – Viking Refrigerator Repair with Las Vegas Appliance Masters

Evaporator Fan Motor Issue – Viking Refrigerator Repair with Las Vegas Appliance Masters

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Today we’ll be looking at a problem with a rather high-end home appliance; a Viking refrigerator. For a bit of help with this refrigerator repair, Las Vegas Appliance Masters (http://lasvegasappliancemasters.com/refrigerator-repair-las-vegas/) has offered to give me a bit of guidance, so a quick shout-out of appreciation to those guys for the help (since I haven’t personally worked on Viking as much as some other brand appliances).

Complaints: There is a grinding noise when the door is open.

Diagnosis: There is an issue with the Axial Fan Motor.

Warning – Before beginning any repairs always disconnect the power to the appliance. It is also recommended to test the outlet for proper voltage.

Tools needed – Phillips screwdriver and ¼” Nut Driver.

Removing the Axial Fan Motor

To access the axial fan motor, you have to enter from the freezer side as well as the fresh foods side. There is two cover, one at the fresh foods and in freezer the cover is at the right hand corner.

To begin we are going to remove the top shelf from the fresh food section. To do so you can lift up, pull up and pull out. In the freezer section we are going to remove the ice bin cover, you can pull it straight out, sometimes you have to angle it out to get it out of the freezer compartment.

To remove the freezer pan cover, insert the Phillip size screws inside the screw holes, there is one at the top and one at the bottom. We are going to remove those so we can get access to the fan motor.

To remove the fan cover from the fresh food section, you are going to remove the two Phillip Size screws from the screw holes. Once the cover is remove all the wires will be expose as well as the thermostat. To get the cover off, just slide the thermostat out of the slot, before you remove the fan motor with the bracket, you are going to disconnect the mullet connector from the top. To do so, squeeze the tab and pull off.

To remove the bracket that the fan motor fits into, we are going to remove the two ¼” screws from the bracket. Once the screws have been removed, we can come back to the fresh food section and pull the fan bracket out.

To remove the fan motor from the bracket, there is two ¼” screws, we are just going to remove them, now we can set the old fan motor aside and install the new fan motor in the bracket. So line up the screws holes with the opening and screw the screws in. once the screws are fasten we are now ready to reinstall the bracket.

Installing the new Axial Fan (004551-000)

To install the new axial fan we are going to reinstall the bracket assembly with the fan motor into its original position. There are two threaded screw clips on the upper right hand corner and lower left hand corner. When you are going to reinstall the brackets make sure you line it up in that position to the screws in the freezer section. Once the fan bracket assembly is in its place, you might have to hold it in place, until you insert the quarter inch screws to secure the bracket.

Once we have secured the fan bracket into its original position, you can now reconnect the wires on the fan motors. Just hold the clips and snap it back in place. Once the wire is connected, we can now go ahead and reinstall the fan cover. First thing you want to do is make sure the thermostat is seated in the correct position, by sliding it back into its spot. Once that is done we can go ahead and place the cover back into its place with the ¼” screws. Once the fresh food fan cover is installed, you can proceed to the freezer fan cover to reinstall that. To do so we are going to line up Phillips size screws that we remove earlier and place the cover on, and then install the screws.

Once the both of the fan covers are on, the repairs are now complete.