Complete Kitchen Redesigns Without Wrecking the Budget

Complete Kitchen Redesigns Without Wrecking the Budget

By on Nov 16, 2014 in Kitchen |

Now for a backsplash behind the cook range I’m going to use a tool that we call our polyline solid, this can be used for a variety of things. If I zoom in here I’m going to align based on the two existing backsplashes and I’m going to draw a segment in there, then we’ll go ahead and pull that down to the point that we want the backsplash, and then we’ll go ahead and pull it up to the end point near the ceiling here.

Let me double click on that and I’m going to set the thickness to something like 0.5”, and then with the material eyedropper let’s go ahead and pick up the material from the backsplash that we currently have on there.

kitchen backsplash pot fillerThe final thing I want to do is go over in to our appliances and fixtures that were provided to us by the good guys at Appliance Masters –, and find a pot filler and we’ll go ahead and place that pot filler in this area. I may actually have to split my screen here to place that pot filler since I’ve added that custom backsplash, let’s go ahead and place that and we’ll just pull it back.

So depending on what you’re doing, sometimes elevation view or plan view is the most effective way to place an element. Now let’s explore our automatic dimension, I showed earlier how we can place our manual dimensions through the boxes, we also have an automatic dimension for wall elevations. One of them is the National Kitchen and Bath Association Auto Wall Dimension and it may end up picking additional things up as we press that, but it’s going to give us a quick way that we can begin with and then clean those up.

Once I press that you’ll notice if we zoom in down here it ended up picking up some extra dimensions, I’m actually just going to remove that extra set because I’ve drawn those manually previously. If we scroll around here I may want to pull this dimension down here slightly to get out of our center line, and you’ll notice that there are some things that it picked up.

The center line for the refrigerator, we probably don’t need that so I’m going to grab that diamond and pull it off. You may or may not want your casing selected so just grab those diamonds and pull them off, you can kind of work your way around and clean that up.

kitchen backsplash design 2If there are things that it didn’t select, it’s also got the center line for the oven so let’s go ahead and pull that off. In this case it did not pick up the toe kick and it did not pick up the countertop thickness. I’m just going to draw a line so I’ve used ‘W’ on the keyboard as a shortcut, I’m going to draw a line here and if I select that dimension you’ll see the diamonds that it has selected here.

There’s an extra diamond that I’m going to pull down and select, and now I can highlight that line and that toe kick was actually 4 1/2”. I’ve got that dimension set there and now I’m going to copy that CAD line up and let’s just pull that up to where our counter top is. Let’s go ahead and stick that where our countertop thickness is and highlight the dimension and set it at 1.5”, we’ll just slide that dimension up there.

I can adjust that extension as well, all of these dimensions if you double click on them you have control over the different arrow styles, primary format, and secondary format. So if you want to change the way those look you can make those changes to fit your design styles.