Changing a Wax Ring On a Toilet

Changing a Wax Ring On a Toilet

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wax ring I have a commercial toilet that’s leaking on the floor, so we need to change the wax ring and we should be able to do this with three tools. We’ve got pipe wrench, a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. The first thing I am going to do is turn off the valve and sometimes you are going to have a decorative cover over this, that you just unscrew and you turn it clockwise and it’s going to shut off the water.

We are going to flush. So the next step, now that the water is off to the toilet, we are going to loosen this big knob with the pipe wrench. We loosened the knob with the pipe wrench and I am just going to unscrew it and this is going to disconnect the toilet from the valve. And I am just going to pull that away and the next step is going to be loosening up the screws.

There is going to be a nut and a bolt on each side of the toilet and I am going to loosen those with the adjustable wrench and we are going to take the toilet off the floor. Okay. On the bottom of the toilet I just removed the nut and the washer and I am going to do that on both sides. Then we are going to loosen the nut here and this is going to pull away.

replace wax ringYou are going to get a little bit of water come out of here, so you may want to have a bucket below it. I found that the bold rusted through and that was the problem, the toilet had a little bit of a wobble to it and broke the seal for the wax. I am just going to remove the old wax ring and clean this a little bit, we’ll put the new wax ring down and then I am going to put two new bolts on either side of the flange.

I’ve got the new wax ring down and I’ve got two bolts sitting up in the flange. I actually tear a little bit of the old wax off and shove it into the little opening around the flange to keep my bolts sticking straight up, so it’s easier when I set the toilet over the top of this, they are not wobbling back and forth. Okay. I set the toilet down on top of the wax ring and I guided it into the two bolts.

I am going to put the washer on and snug it down. I’ve also lined up the valve and the tube going down the toilet. Now I am going to sit on it, compress it and then we are going to tighten down the nuts, being real careful not to over-tighten, because you can’t correct that. It’s better to under-tighten it and then come back in twenty-four hours and snug it up a little more, rather than being too aggressive.

I connected the two bolts on the bottom, I used the pipe wrench and I tighten the coupling and what I am going to do is open up the valve and we’ll give it a test. Looks in good shape, it’s not leaking on the ground, so there we go, these are the steps to change a wax seal on a commercial toilet.